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Po4 Ceramic Tool Kit

Various tools are used by Native Americans to decorate their pots, including carved antler or wood modeling tools, toothed combs, pointed sticks, scallop shells, cord wrapped paddles, wooden or shell scraping tools and burnishing stones to smooth the surface. The designs applied to pottery made by groups of the Northeast preserve design elements from much earlier times. These patterns include incised and stamped zones of parallel lines and triangles or zigzags. Pots from the historic Mohegan Fort Shantok site have a unique sculptural quality which includes modeling the pot's surface to raise lobes below the pot's collar and elaborately made castellated rims that have one or more projecting points.

Not Available at this time.
KtW1 Woven Simulated Wampum Bracelet Kit

This kit contains the materials for one single-row simulated wampum bead bracelet, including beads, imitation sinew, elk hide warp, a miniature traditional 'bow loom' and metal needle to weave with. This kit contains detailed instructions and a booklet on the history of wampum.

$ 7.00
KtW2 Threaded Simulated Wampum Necklace Kit

This kit contains the materials for one threaded simulated wampum bead necklace. This kit contains a variety of beads and pendants and imitation sinew for threading. Pendants and beads are unique and will vary from kit to kit. This kit contains tips on designing and threading your necklace, as well as a booklet about wampum beads and traditional shell pendants of the Northeast.

$ 7.00

The kits below use a realistic, heavy weight faux Birch Bark which I designed myself. All my birch bark kits contain enough materials for two individual objects including the two patterns, one set of assembly instructions, and complete history. Because my kits use an imitation of birch bark, they are easy for young people or beginners to assemble. More advanced crafters will find them useful for making examples later with their own genuine birch bark.
Kt1 faux Birch Bark Triangle and Ball Game

Create my unique catch game based on Frank Speck's description of a historic Penobscot children's game.

Not Available at this time.
Kt2 faux Birch Bark Kettle

Make a folded seamless kettle like those used to collect maple sap in the northeast and Great Lakes area.

Not Available at this time.
Kt3 faux Birch Bark Ladle

Construct a simple and ingenious trail side dipper like those used in northern New England.

Not Available at this time.
Kt4 faux Birch Bark Dish

Produce a stitched and rimmed dish that would traditionally be used for food.

Not Available at this time.
Kt5 faux Birch Bark Cup

Put together an ornamental cup like those made by Beothuk natives.

Not Available at this time.
Kt6 faux Birch Bark Spoon

With this challenging kit, create a beautiful folded spoon rimmed with wood splints.

Not Available at this time.
Because the kits above use a faux (immitation) Birch Bark, the objects created are for decorative purposes only.
Not intended for food storage or consumption. Avoid getting your finished craft wet.
All kits require your own scissors, and those with sewing require you supply a large-eye needle.

My craft kits are not intended for children under 3 years of age.
As my products contain small parts and natural materials, adult supervision is recommended for young children.

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My products are historically researched reproductions and can NOT be labled 'Native American Made'; Please read about Waaban Aki Crafting

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