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Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt
Virtual Wampum Belt

Shuttlecock & Battledoor
Keep it in the air!

Bowl & Dice Game
Traditional Gambling

Ojibwemowin Language Game
Picture Match

Virtual Coloring Book
Virtual Coloring Book

Chipmunk Maze
Find His Acorns

Basket Splint Concentration
Match the Designs

Beadwork Designer
Interactive Bead Graph

Turtle Word Guess
Guess the Plant Name

Natural Dyes & Porcupine Quills
Match the Dyes and Quills

Virtual Paper Dolls
Virtual Paper Dolls

... and Learn more about Native American Toys!
Ring and Pin
Bundle and Pin
Ball and Triangle
Board Games
Little Pines
Hoop and Pole
Wheel and Dart
Bowl and Dice
Other Native American Games

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Games are available from Waaban Aki Crafting; Traditional Toys and Games

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