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Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands
A Virtual Tour ~ Circa 1550

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At our homestead ...
You will see a bark covered dwelling with a field of maize, beans and squash in the distance. Our dome shaped home is called a wigwam, constructed of elm bark shingles secured over a frame of bent poles. Some squash, baskets and tools lean up against the outside walls. We have a hearth outdoors for cooking with both clay and birchbark containers.

In one hand, the man holds a soapstone smoking pipe with a bear effigy carved into the bowl. His other hand carries a wooden "ball-headed" club, carved with a fox effigy from a solid piece of ash. The man wears a knife sheath around his neck, and bracelets, knee garters and moccasins; all of these are decorated with brilliantly dyed and embroidered porcupine quills. He also wears a beaded headband and earrings, made from quahog and whelk shell wampum beads. At his waist, he carries a wooden drinking cup, and a mole skin bag that contains tobacco. The animal-skin bag hanging from his shoulder holds tinder and flint for making fire.

The woman, who stands outside the wigwam near the wooden mortar and grinding pestle, wears a deer skin tunic, skirt and leggings all painted with red ocher designs. She checks her gathering supplies, kept in a small woven bag of basswood fiber, as she prepares to leave the homestead.

At our homestead ...
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