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To insure a good fit, with all moccasin orders, please include these measurements, a tracing of your foot, and the measurement around the 'ball' of your foot just below your toes.

Hi1 Elk Hide Center-seam Moccasins
These center-seam moccasins are one type of traditional North American footwear. Made from a single piece of durable elk hide, they can be made to fit from a tracing of your foot. The word moccasin, which has language origins with Eastern North American tribes, traditionally referred to a shoe with a puckered u-shaped 'vamp' over the instep. The name of the Great Lakes Ojibwa tribe means 'people of the puckered moccasin'. The southern New England Narragansett word for shoe is 'Mocussinass' or 'Mockussinchass'. Today the word moccasin, still with innumerable spellings, generally refers to all types of hard and soft soled shoes, with and without puckered toes.

All of my moccasins are soft-soled and hand sewn using imitation sinew and a heavy 4-6 oz. commercially tanned elk hide.

Remember to send us your color preferences for cloth, velvet or beadwork. All our clothing is hand sewn to-order, so we're happy to work with your colors and beadwork patterns.

Not Available at this time.
Hi2 Elk Hide Center-seam Cloth-Lined Moccasins with Bead-edged Cuff
Not Available at this time.
Hi3 Elk Hide Center-Seam Cloth-Lined Moccasins with beaded edge and complete beaded cuffs.
Not Available at this time.
Hi4 Elk Hide Pucker-toe Not Available at this time.
Hi5 Elk Hide Pucker-toe with Bead-edged Velvet (or Cloth) Cuff and Beaded Toe Not Available at this time.
Hi6 Elk Hide Pucker-toe with Bead-edged Velvet (or Cloth), complete Beaded Cuff and Beaded Toe Not Available at this time.

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Featherwork & Accessories
Fe1a Women's Dance Fan: Turkey Tail Feather Flat Fan with bead-edging

Native Americans use fans for many purposes. Some uses for fans are merely practical: fans provide a deserving cool breeze; fans can motivate the flames of a diminishing fire; as well as protect eyes from the harsh glare and heat of the flames. Some old fans were even used in house cleaning. However, many fans had social and spiritual uses as well. Both men and women of most Native American tribes use fans for dancing. Some fans are passed down from one dance leader to the next. Feathers or markings used to decorate the fans can also display a man's leadership status or indicate the family to which he belongs. Fans are also used in ceremonies.

Not Available at this time.
Fe1b Men's or Women's Dance Fans: Wing Feather Fan with bead-edging (Turkey or Domestic Goose).

Wing fans can be made with either turkey or domestic goose feathers (light gray to bluish-gray color). Both turkey and goose fans can be finished at the handle with either (red/white) deer hair edging *or with a detail of smaller feathers. Include your choice of bead colors and edging when ordering.

Not Available at this time.

Fe2 Gustoweh - w/ Simulated Wampum Band *or Copper Band (please specify)

The traditional Iroquois gustoweh is the basis for many Native headdresses in the Eastern Woodlands. Many variations are worn in Eastern Nations today. It consists of an ash splint frame, covered in cloth, with a beaded wampum band is affixed to the perimeter. The distinguishing feature of the gustoweh is the cluster of split feathers on the crown and the free-spinning upright feather, placed in a carved birch socket. Seneca have one upright feather, while Mohawk have three. Cayuga have one feather off to the side. Onondaga have one upright feather in addition to the side feather, while Oneida have two upright in addition to the one to the side. The Tuscarora have no upright or side feathers, but still have the cluster of split feathers.

I will work with you on your choice of feathers (turkey, domestic goose, pheasant, peacock, or your own special feathers).

Please specify the type of Iroquoin style, and your color choice for the cloth covering.

Include style and the measurement (in inches) around your head, just above the ears, with your order.

The 'standard' wampum band is two rows wide. If you would like the band to be three or four rows wide, it is $20.00 per additional row.

no socket

no socket, w/side feather


1-socket, w/side feather

2-sockets, w/side feather


Not Available at this time

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