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I've been making my unique simulated wampum beads, since 1993.


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W0 Simulated Wampum Beads

I manufacture my own affordable individually-made simulated wampum beads that actually -look- like the Native-made wampum beads of the 1600's. My beads (measuring approximately 1cm long x .5 cm diameter), made from hand-mixed acrylic, are sturdy and have the same color, stripes and variation as real quahog and whelk beads, resulting in beads perfect for custom work and museum quality repairs.

Many other types of imitation wampum beads currently available (of modern glass or shell) can lead to frustrating attempts to create durable realistic looking wampum belts. I've found the translucent white and blue glass beads are too skinny; their sharp edges cut even the strongest of threads. The iridescent soft-shell beads, made in Asia and dyed to a purple far too light for quahog, fade after exposure to sun or water to their original white color.

In northeastern North America, woven belts of tubular shell beads were traditionally made by Native Americans from the 16th through the 18th century. Wampum beads were made in two colors, white from the whelk shell and purple from the growth rings of the quahog shell. Prehistoric shell beads were very rare, often large and barrel shaped, and usually made from the whelk's spiraling inner columnela. The drilling of prehistoric shell beads was difficult with wide stone drill bits. Wampum was traditionally traded in ceremonial contexts; shell having connections with water and life giving properties. Colonial traders and politicians, often exploited the Native system of of gift-exchange to gain favors or territory. Wampum, eventually taking the form of a longer, more slender bead, began to be mass produced by the Dutch and other Europeans. As it became more recognized as a formal currency, wampum continued in use until the American Revolution.

Is this your first time weaving a wampum belt?
Click Here for Hints and Tips on Weaving with my simulated wampum beads.

You may combine purple and white amounts for the eight-cent bulk price.

Please specify amout of White & Purple beads in even lots of 100.

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Bulk Price: Not Currently Avilable.



Quahog Shells

Genuine quahog shells collected from New England beaches. The shells range in shape, condition, and size (from 2 inches to 5 inches) but each shell has some amount of purple on it. The price is for each individual half shell.

Not Currently Available
Large shells
3 inches
or wider

Not Currently Available
Small shells
less than
3 inches

WS2 Elk Hide Lace - variable Length

My hand cut elk hide lacing is the perfect leather to use as warp for your wampum weaving projects. Cut from heavy weight (4-6 oz) commercially tanned 'natural smoke' colored elk hide, each piece of lace measures six feet in length (2 yds.), and about a 1/2 cm wide (just less than 1/4 inch wide).

Not Currently Available
60 ft.

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My products are historically researched reproductions and can NOT be labled 'Native American Made'; Please read about Waaban Aki Crafting

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